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Why ConcordBank loans are just for you

  • Quick review of a loan project.
  • Interest is paid only when funds are used.
  • Interest is not accrued on the entire amount of available funds, but only on the amount taken by the borrower.
  • The ability to open a credit line in advance and use it if necessary.
  • The ability to choose a loan repayment scheme convenient for the client, taking into account the peculiarities of the business.
  • The ability to receive funds in full or in parts.

What loans does ConcordBank offer?

ConcordBank offers the following business loans:

You can read more about each of them by simply clicking on the loan name.

Questions and answers

1. Why do I need a business loan?

As a rule, a business applies for a loan during a period of rapid development, when a new stage requires a specific amount of money and there is no time for delay. Also, as a rule, loan proceeds are used to “secure" some business processes.

2. Who can apply for a business loan at ConcordBank?

Any enterprises or natural person-entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they have an account with our bank or not. The loan is evaluated for all business entities.


3. What documents are needed to apply for a loan a ConcordBank?

Most commonly, a standard package of documents is required:

- Foundation and registration documents

- Financial statements.

- Annual return.

- Client application for a loan indicating its intended use.

- The minutes of the general meeting of the directors or shareholders board of the enterprise, which examined the issues of the target need for obtaining a loan, the granting of the right to
sign a loan agreement, the granting of the right to sign documents on collateral and the provision of collateral, the guarantor's data, which should also be indicated in the minutes.

- Legal documents of the guarantor.

4. What is the maximum loan amount ConcordBank can provide?

The loan amount is always determined individually and in accordance with the passport of each loan product.

5. Are there fees in case of non-use of loan proceeds?



6. How can I pay a loan?

Using icON business Internet-banking in the “Loans" tab.