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Why the bonus program "ConcordClub" is for You:
  • automatic participation of customers who have opened cards within relevant tariff packages
  • 1% cashback and instant reward in the system of Internet banking "icON25"
  • no need to choose and limit product categories


What is cashback charged for?

For purchases made by card in the trade and service network (including abroad), except for those specified in the terms of "ConcordClub".

How can I check my cashback?

You can check your cashback account by logging in Internet Banking "icON25". In the web-version in the "Bonus program" section or on the "Cashback" tab in the mobile version. In the web version you can also view the history of charges.

How can I get my cashback?

It's very simple. In the mobile application of Internet banking "icON25" on the "Cashback" tab, click the "Show on card" button and select the card to which your credits will be credited. In the web version, this should be done in the "Bonus program" section. Please note that the bank acts as a tax agent, so the transfer deducts and pays all taxes in accordance with applicable law.

What are the restrictions on receiving cashback?

Cashback is not limited, however, there is a minimum amount of cashback that you can transfer to your card - UAH 100. Maximum amount you can transfer - 1000 UAH per month. These restrictions do not apply to customers using Premium Class cards.

Where can I read the official ConcordClub rules?

The official rules of the program can be found at the link.

What if I don't want to be a member of the ConcordClub program?

If the client does not wish to participate in the bonus program, he is obliged to notify the bank in writing in free form, sending a request for details, specified in section 17 of the Public Agreement of Comprehensive Banking Services for Individuals of JSCB CONCORD.

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