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The total amount of support since the beginning of the war from ConcordBank has reached the mark of UAH 50.5 million.

The support from ConcordBank, which is part of the Concord Fintech Solutions ecosystem, amounted to UAH 7.5 million for this month.

In particular, UAH 7 million were donated to the DobroDiy Charity Exchange and UAH 500,000 - to the Charitable Foundation "Dnipropetrovsk Jewish Community. These organizations are primarily engaged in helping the AFU, support hospitals, and the needs of the seriously injured people.

The total amount of help from ConcordBank has already reached UAH 50.5 million. 

And our customers also help a lot: since the beginning of a full-scale war they have transferred more than UAH 2.1 million from their NEOBANK cards  for the needs of the AFU.

✅ almost UAH 550 thousand for the army from cashback;

✅ more than UAH 450 thousand to the fund "Return Alive" from the own funds;

✅ more than UAH 1.1 million to the account of the AFU in the National Bank.

The same month, we provided training to Concord Fintech Solutions employees, particularly on first aid in a combat situation.

Tetiana Kanchura, trainer, physician-anesthesiologist and UniSafe emergency aid instructor, first told about the rules of first aid to the wounded, and then in practice every employee could practice how to apply tourniquets and bandages, how to check breathing and save an unconscious person.

ConcordBank, as well as its partners, continues working on charitable projects and will keep you informed of the results. Because it motivates to do more!

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