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PROCARD became the first certified partner of the Visa Ready for Fintech Enabler program in Ukraine, the CIS and Southeast Europe

Ukrainian independent processing center PROCARD became the first in Ukraine, CIS and South-Eastern Europe certified partner of Visa under the Visa Ready for FinTech Enablers program.  This partnership will allow fintech companies to launch their products on the Visa network using the PROCARD technology platform.

“Visa's innovative solutions enable fintech companies of all sizes to develop their potential.  The emergence of the region's first certified Visa Ready partner is a good sign that market players are ready to build partnerships and become more open.  This is a signal for the emergence of new fintech solutions that will meet the growing demands of consumers and will correspond to the global vector of development of this market”, noted Evgeny Lesnyak, senior director of Visa for strategic partnerships and fintech in 17 countries.

The Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers program is designed to create a certified ecosystem of partners specialized in servicing and building infrastructure for fintech companies.

“The status of an independent processing center PROCARD, as the first partner of the Visa Ready for FinTech Enablers program in Ukraine, the CIS and Southeast Europe, is an important distinction not only for our ecosystem, but for the entire Ukrainian fintech.  The development and further expansion of this cooperation is our top priority”, said Elena Sosedka, founder of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions.

Participation in the Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers program allows fintech market participants to connect with each other, create effective products and bring them to market as quickly as possible.  PROCARD already serves fintech companies not only in Ukraine, but also in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and has now passed the Visa Ready certification to work in Europe and the entire CEMEA region, gaining access to new markets.

“Since its inception, the independent processing center PROCARD has been striving to occupy a leading position in the fintech market.  In addition to the processing software, a reliable system architecture, a monitoring system, a service desk have been created, many auxiliary tools have been developed that are not visible at first glance, but allow you to quickly and reliably establish business processes.  We are glad to achieve new business horizons together with Visa ”, - said PROCARD CEO Konstantin Kaduk.

PROCARD is an independent processing center that is one of the main components of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions.  Concord Fintech Solutions has become the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, within which players in the financial market can create and develop their own fintech projects.

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