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Elena Sosedka: Concord Fintech Solutions ecosystem is partnership instead of competition

The launch of Concord Fintech Solutions is a game changer for the financial market and the beginning of the era of fintech ecosystems in Ukraine.  Olena Sosedka, a neo-entrepreneur and founder of the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, said this during a discussion of future transformations of the financial market at the UAFIN.TECH 2020 conference.

“The creation of the fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions marked the beginning of the era of fintech ecosystems in Ukraine and very soon will change the rules of the game on the market. Competition will give way to partnership and synergy”, – Sosedka emphasized.

According to her, telecommunications operators, microcredit organizations, retail, leasing companies, airlines, banks, fintech and techfin startups will become partners of Concord Fintech Solutions first of all.

“Our ecosystem includes not only banking products, but also products for retailers, other banks, and fintech companies. Therefore, our ecosystem is a collaboration of the entire market”, said the founder of Concord Fintech Solutions.

Let us remind you that Concord Fintech Solutions is the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, within which financial market players can create and develop their own fintech projects.  The unified financial infrastructure of the ecosystem is formed by ConcordBank, an independent processing center PROCARD, acquiring CONCORDPAY, IT-company MUSTPAY, billing system MASSPAY, which provide various solutions on the market, as well as a number of in-depth expertise of teams.

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