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ConcordBank detected fraudsters who were raising funds "for the aid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine"

ConcordBank, conducting financial monitoring of customer transactions under the law, detected signs of fraudulent actions on the transactions of one of the customers, who was a man from Kamianske village, born in 2000, a pseudo-activist and a man with signs of criminal tendencies in actions. He had opened a bank account a few days before the bank discovered the fraud. 

The fraudster was raising funds "to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine" under the guise of "assistance to the Dnipro Regional Military Administration". 

ConcordBank conducted an internal investigation, the fraudster's account was blocked and on the same day the necessary actions were taken to transfer the materials to law enforcement authorities. 

According to preliminary data of the investigation, the fraudster was able to seize an amount not exceeding UAH 50 thousand and managed to mislead only one company, after which the bank account was blocked under the current legislation, and the funds of UAH 30 thousand were blocked.  

With the full cooperation of ConcordBank to the law enforcement authorities and the Dnipro Regional Military Administration, the perpetrators were detained and are testifying. 

The bank strongly condemns such fraudulent actions and immediately responds to them. If the bank reveals signs of such actions, it promptly initiates an internal investigation, all transactions on such accounts are stopped and appeals to law enforcement agencies are prepared. 

In order to ensure that the funds sent to support the army from a legal entity and caught in a fraudulent scheme of the attacker, still reached the addressee, bank employees collected the necessary amount and transferred them to the military aid fund.

In total, since February 24, ConcordBank has provided assistance to the army to the official account of the NBU and to charity funds totaling more than UAH 62 million.

ConcordBank notes that it operates within the current legislation, monitors transactions on customer accounts in accordance with the requirements of the NBU. The bank receives requests from law enforcement agencies and always provides all information within the legal framework. In this case, ConcordBank actively cooperates with the relevant law enforcement agencies, representatives of the Dnipro Regional Military Administration.

In this difficult time for our state, unfortunately, there are still citizens who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others illegally and to compromise the leadership of the region.

It should also be noted that attempts by some mass media to spread unverified information at a time of Russia's military aggression also have signs of attempting to destabilize the situation in our region, and may be cooperating with collaborators. For distribution of knowingly false information, which can lead to loss of business reputation, there is liability under applicable law.

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